Sports weekley

(NCAAF) The new playoff polls have been posted and with Alabama finding their way back to the number one rank, they have made it to the NCAA’s first try at playoffs. Here’s the top 5; Alabama (1), Oregon (2), Florida State (3), Mississippi State (4), and TCU (5).With those set, the Top 4 teams are to play in the very first NCAAF playoffs.

During Monday Night football (11/17/14) The Steelers and the Titans faced off against each other. The Steelers had a close game against the Titans with the final score being 27-24 with a Steelers win. Ben Rothlesburger and Zach Mettenberger had a combined 470 passing yards,3 touchdowns and no Interceptions. Steeler’s Le’Veon Bell, had a totla of 33 rushes, 204 yards and a touchdown. With them playing in the freezing cold, they had to go through 10-20 degree temps. Even with them playing in the cold, they still played hard and well.


Tribal pants, wand curls, monograms, skater skirts, and EBOLA??!

Many girls fall into line with the trends, whether they are good and really stupid.  For example, TRIBAL PANTS!  I am a victim of being in love with these tribal pants everyone seems to be addicted to.  I do own a couple myself but I can’t help it!  To be honest, they are super comfortable and trendy, obviously.  I love to pair my tribal pants with a cutesy top like a long sleeved crop top.  We think these tribal pants and leggings and cool and fun but for older people they think we’re crazy! But who are they to judge? I’ve seen their awkward parachute pants! Ewwww. Then again they’re coming back.  Waaaayyyy more updated and cute.

Another trend I’m victim of are the absolutely loved wand curls.  Who doesn’t love wands curls? Sure, those dang wands are super expensive but when you see the results you will be under the spell.  They are super bouncy and easy to do.  But you’ll probably will burn yourself so be careful!

Monograms, monograms, monograms, monograms.  EVERYWHERE? Who told y’all it was cute to get  your initials on EVERYTHING you own?  This is a trend I can say I’m not victim of! Do y’all forget y’all’s initials so y’all need them on y’all’s scarfs, bows, pillow cases, book bags, purses, shirt pockets, pants pockets, what is next?!?!?!? ….if you know what I mean.

Skater shirts are a recent trend that like many other trends were popular before and they have come back.  Better than ever.  I do have a couple skater skirts and I’ve seen many girls with them.  I really think they are super cute.  I see girls match them with cute t-shirts, a flowy tank top, and a crop top.  They like to add cute tights and pretty boots, they go really well together.

Last but not least is Ebola, to be honest, it’s a very serious matter but people tend to take it as a joke.  In my opinion, they need to calm down a little because I could get Ebola.  AND IF I GET EBOLA I WILL DIE.blogg bloggg blogggg blogggggg bloggggggg

What’s happening in sports?

(NFL) Just yesterday (Thursday), the Cincinnati Bengals went against the Cleveland Browns. They faced off in a Thursday night football game. The Bengals were the ones who were expected to win, but they soon found out that thee Browns made a major upset. With the final score being 24-3 (Browns), The Bengals made crucial turnovers (4) that caused the Browns to make a upset win.

(NBA) Something also recent that happened this week was that the Huston Rockets are going 6-0 in the NBA. Going against the San Antonio Spurs (2-2)They came out with a final score of 98-81, they came out with a undefeated record and being one of the 2 undefeated teams in the NBA, they hope to keep a positive record and go on to the NBA Finals.

(NCAAF) Clemson came out with a close scare going against Wake Forest. Clemson came out with a close win (35-20), they came back in the fourth quarter with crucial runs by Clemson’s Wayne Gallman (RB) Football Basketball

What BeautyandBallers is all abouttttt

sec c Roshe RunsIn the beauty part of the blog you will see a whole lot of amazing post about teens and what they like.  What they like to wear, what they like to do, what they like to eat and just stuff they like.  For example, we will show you the do’s and don’t’s on what to wear and when to wear it.  Also, you will see our opinions on the latest teen trends.

In the Ballers part of the blog, we will talk about what’s happening in the sports world. it will cover the most important trades, deals. It will cover the scores and the heads up game of the week. We will cover football, baseball, basketball. We can talk about the new sprots fashion, like the new Roshe runs, ect.

And that is what our blog is going to be about. We hope that you enjoy our blog very much