What’s happening in sports?

(NFL) Just yesterday (Thursday), the Cincinnati Bengals went against the Cleveland Browns. They faced off in a Thursday night football game. The Bengals were the ones who were expected to win, but they soon found out that thee Browns made a major upset. With the final score being 24-3 (Browns), The Bengals made crucial turnovers (4) that caused the Browns to make a upset win.

(NBA) Something also recent that happened this week was that the Huston Rockets are going 6-0 in the NBA. Going against the San Antonio Spurs (2-2)They came out with a final score of 98-81, they came out with a undefeated record and being one of the 2 undefeated teams in the NBA, they hope to keep a positive record and go on to the NBA Finals.

(NCAAF) Clemson came out with a close scare going against Wake Forest. Clemson came out with a close win (35-20), they came back in the fourth quarter with crucial runs by Clemson’s Wayne Gallman (RB) Football Basketball


5 thoughts on “What’s happening in sports?

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