Tribal pants, wand curls, monograms, skater skirts, and EBOLA??!

Many girls fall into line with the trends, whether they are good and really stupid.  For example, TRIBAL PANTS!  I am a victim of being in love with these tribal pants everyone seems to be addicted to.  I do own a couple myself but I can’t help it!  To be honest, they are super comfortable and trendy, obviously.  I love to pair my tribal pants with a cutesy top like a long sleeved crop top.  We think these tribal pants and leggings and cool and fun but for older people they think we’re crazy! But who are they to judge? I’ve seen their awkward parachute pants! Ewwww. Then again they’re coming back.  Waaaayyyy more updated and cute.

Another trend I’m victim of are the absolutely loved wand curls.  Who doesn’t love wands curls? Sure, those dang wands are super expensive but when you see the results you will be under the spell.  They are super bouncy and easy to do.  But you’ll probably will burn yourself so be careful!

Monograms, monograms, monograms, monograms.  EVERYWHERE? Who told y’all it was cute to get  your initials on EVERYTHING you own?  This is a trend I can say I’m not victim of! Do y’all forget y’all’s initials so y’all need them on y’all’s scarfs, bows, pillow cases, book bags, purses, shirt pockets, pants pockets, what is next?!?!?!? ….if you know what I mean.

Skater shirts are a recent trend that like many other trends were popular before and they have come back.  Better than ever.  I do have a couple skater skirts and I’ve seen many girls with them.  I really think they are super cute.  I see girls match them with cute t-shirts, a flowy tank top, and a crop top.  They like to add cute tights and pretty boots, they go really well together.

Last but not least is Ebola, to be honest, it’s a very serious matter but people tend to take it as a joke.  In my opinion, they need to calm down a little because I could get Ebola.  AND IF I GET EBOLA I WILL DIE.blogg bloggg blogggg blogggggg bloggggggg


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