Sports weekley

(NCAAF) The new playoff polls have been posted and with Alabama finding their way back to the number one rank, they have made it to the NCAA’s first try at playoffs. Here’s the top 5; Alabama (1), Oregon (2), Florida State (3), Mississippi State (4), and TCU (5).With those set, the Top 4 teams are to play in the very first NCAAF playoffs.

During Monday Night football (11/17/14) The Steelers and the Titans faced off against each other. The Steelers had a close game against the Titans with the final score being 27-24 with a Steelers win. Ben Rothlesburger and Zach Mettenberger had a combined 470 passing yards,3 touchdowns and no Interceptions. Steeler’s Le’Veon Bell, had a totla of 33 rushes, 204 yards and a touchdown. With them playing in the freezing cold, they had to go through 10-20 degree temps. Even with them playing in the cold, they still played hard and well.


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